BTS’ Jimin Still Trending in the US & UK Following “Film Out” Music Video Release Twitter Perfectly Describes ARMY’s Emotions

Jimin’s vocals. Huh, Jimin’s vocals, did I say Jimin’s vocals, yeah I did, didn’t I? But Jimin’s vocals! I know am just fan girling here but I have no regret or shame in flipping out over PARK JIMIN’S vocals… every Army’s mind right now. “Film Out” by BTS was released less than 5 hours ago and Jimin came to collect all our weak hearts by showcasing his heavenly vocals.

Twitter’s description, ARMY is obsessed with Jimin’s vocals in BTS’ newly released song and music video ‘Film Out’ 🐥

Jimin’s Voice is so BOLD! and rugged and so deep and so captivating, it is one of those moments that is a rewind moment in the “Film Out” music video. It’s like Jimin’s Voice grew into the formidable force of nature that it has become. It just sweeps you in a whirlwind, Jimin’s Voice, then brings you back into a smooth soft landing.

The most impressive part of Jimin’s vocals is that he is just sauntering casually as he belts out the high silky smooth notes like he did not just cause an earth quake in our hearts, souls and minds.

He once worried about his voice and it not being what he wanted it to be saying that he wanted to have a voice that is described as ‘a voice that touches people‘ and he should be proud because his voice has come full circle and become the voice that vocal coaches always praise and admire and are always taken aback at how good Jimin’s vocals are! Also YouTube Reactors flip at how good Jimin is at his craft!

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