Daegu-based Company Young Poong Attributes its Recent Global Success After BTS’ Jimin Raving About Tteokbokki

BTS Jimin’s popularity has never been in question as he continues to influence interest and sales of products. He has been selling out clothes he wore within hours of appearing in the clothes. He is a brand King both personally and as an ambassador for different products. JoongAng Daily, a South Korean English online paper reported that Daegu-based company Young Poong’s recent global success after BTS’ Jimin raved about tteokbokki, a Korean stir-fried rice cake dish.

The company stated that sales outside Korea have risen due to “online testimonials” by BTS’ Jimin who is credited as one of the contributors to the increased global interest and record breaking export performance of tteokbokki.

Tteokbokki has also become the latest Korean food sensation overseas.

BTS’ Jimin

Young Poong is hardly a household name, but the popularity of its tteokbokki – stir-fried rice cake – has made the Daegu–based company a major new Korean exporter. People in Japan, Vietnam and Thailand have become tteokbokki fans, some of them inspired by Jimin raving about the dish.

In the past year, Young Poong’s exports accumulated over 70% of their sales. Overall, the market has seen multiple waves of sales when Jimin mentions ttoekbokki. Source

Jimin has recently shared his love for the dish in Run BTS episodes and he has been a tteokbokki enthusiast since childhood.

BTS’ Jimin at the market

Almost 2 years ago, BTS’ Jimin visited Dongdaemun Market, on 26th June with his manager and went to a local tteokbokki street stall in South Korea after shopping.

BTS Jimin’s receipt

During his short visit to the stall he spent a short time meeting and greeting his fans before leaving. The short and sweet moment was shared online and it was reported that his short visit to the local store had caused a sudden rise in both interest and the sale of tteokbokki around the world.

ttoekbokki/ spicy stir fried rice cake

Now I want some ttoekbokki! Thanks Jimin!

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