BTS’ Suga Admits He Was Genuinely Surprised How Their Music Comforted Him During Quarantine

BTS appeared on KBS’s “Let’s Talk” and had sessions where they spoke about their past, experiences and even performed during the show. They spoke about their trainee days and reminisced on how hard they worked and the struggles they faced. As they reflected on all the albums that they have released since debut one on the hosts asked about what songs make them feel better especially when they are struggling.

“When all you guys are struggling, what song makes you feel better?”

Suga spoke about their feelings when their tours were canceled last year because of COVID 19. BTS were set to have a worldwide “Map Of The Soul: 7” concert tour but it all ended because of the pandemic, and like everyone else, they struggled during quarantine.

“When all of our concerts were cancelled last year, all seven of us really struggled for a few months. But our fans said our music really cheered them up. So we were like ‘Does that really work?” Suga

Suga admits that their songs actually gave him comfort after hearing them because fans told them that their songs cheered them.

“And we started listening to our music. At least I did. And our songs actually did make me feel a lot better. One of our songs ‘Answer: Love Myself… And our song ‘Paradise.’ That’s when I first realized, ‘So this is how our songs, make people feel'” Suga

And it finally hit him. Their music really is comforting…

“I realized that our music really is comforting” Suga

Watch the full interview below

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