The Book BTS V Talked About Last Year at An Interview Became Bestseller In Amazon Japan In The Foreign Book Category This Year

BTS’ V has solidified himself as the sold out King with whatever his hands ‘touch’ immediately become sold out, he has sold out outfits he wore during RUN BTS episode and even during events. In an interview back in 2020 V, talked about a book he had been trying to read. He mentioned the books name and joked that, “I recently started a book. It’s called “I am home but I still want to go home”. It has a lot of comforting and relatable messages. I only read the cover though.” the other members laughed at that and it was the end.

The book

The brings the comforts through the each short essay with the beautiful illustrations when you feel the emptiness and loneliness. Fans immediately peaked interest and even started asking whether the book had an English version. The author responded on her Instagram account that the book would be available in English once its printed.

The author of the book thanked V for talking about the book by sharing on her Instagram stories

“More about the book. It touches on very sensitive topics and says its okay to sometimes fell like disappearing to not compare your hardships with others. It’s okay tp have a hopeful heart that wakes up and dreams of eternal love even after a heart break. This book is comfort” pm_rabin (author)

In 2019, the book ‘The power of words’ V was reading at the airport was also sold out & bestseller in Japan

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