BTS Music, a Mother’s Love & Her Daughter’s Determination Helped Heal This Family After a Tragedy

BTS’s music has always been a source of comfort to many, especially during this pandemic season. Their “BE” album was especially for that very reason, hope and comfort. Mionna Johnson was once a vibrant teenager who loved listening to BTS, was suddenly diagnosed with an undetected arteriovenous malformation (AVM) which ruptured near her brain stem, causing her to faint and setting off a chain reaction that left the high school freshman fighting for her life.

“I was in shock when I heard how bad it was, But I wasn’t about to give up. I told the doctors I wanted a second opinion and they agreed to have Mionna airlifted by helicopter to Children’s Hospital in Detroit” Benerd, her mother said

Mionna Johnson was hospitalized for 119 days, her body hooked up to a network of wires and hoses that sustained her life.

Mionna Johnson & Her mother Photo by John Heider | HOMETOWNLIFE.COM

Mionna’s mother credits her will to see her daughter recover, her daughter’s determination and BTS’ music that was a source of comfort as they went through the tragedy. Read the full story HERE.

The short clip ends with mother and daughter singing BTS’ latest single “Life Goes on”

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