BTS’ Jimin Reaffirm’s His Soulmate Status With V Calling Him a True Friend, Handsome & Consistent

BTS appeared on “Lets BTS!” Show where they had a session that each member spoke something about his fellow member. Jimin and V have had a long friendship that has been in existence since their high school days; they trained together, debuted together, got their first win together as members of BTS.

They got their first Billboard Hot 100 #1 together both for an all English song and a Korean song, and best of all they were nominated for the Grammys and performed on their solo stage together. If that is not a friendship that is fated to last forever then I don’t know what is.

They know each other and are therefore in sync and true to each other. They always speak highly of each other and Jimin had the best words that described his best friend V.

Jimin: He is kind, good looking. He is 177.
V: I’m 178.8.
Jimin: Are you that tall? Taehyung is very unique, playful and likeable person, like the characters that appear in manga/comic book.”

“He is the most human of us, he is honest and consistent. He is a very good friend.” Jimin

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