BTS’ J-Hope Appreciates That Jin Has It All, He’s Handsome & Creates the Mood Among Them

BTS got candid during their KBS “Let’s BTS!” show where they shared what they found most appealing or what were their sincere thoughts towards the other member in the band. We are all used to Hobi being the fun and funny member but when J-Hope was asked to speak about Jin, he spoke truthfully from his heart.

“What more words are needed~? Jin hyung, just as himself, is honestly a really cool hyung. If (we’re talking about) face, he’s face. If it’s attractive shoulders, he’s shoulders.. and beautiful voice.. and age.[..]” J-Hope

“Though I said age at the last part as a joke, hyung is the eldest hyung! I thought you’d be someone who’s firm in keeping the age hierarchy order but you are actually nothing like that. The one who drives the atmosphere of the team overall is Jin hyung!”

“In a way, (you could say) that that is just another one of his roles as the eldest hyung but he’s an important pillar that not only protects but also creates such finite atmosphere that drives this team” J-Hope

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