“ACTOR KIM TAEHYUNG” and “KIM TAEHYUNG” Trends Worldwide As ARMY Anticipate The Return of “Actor Taehyung”

Starnews Korea Reporter, Mun Wansik released an exclusive article anticipating the comeback of “Actor Taehyung” He wrote that with BTS’ global popularity, V’s potential as an actor has led to love calls from numerous drama producers and Fans’ desire for “Actor Kim Taehyung” is also hot.

He went on to write that BTS’V made his acting debut in 2016 by playing the role of “Hansung” in KBS 2TV drama “Hwarang”. V, who also has a pure sensibility in the role of Hansung, was well matched & gave a glimpse of his potential as “Actor Kim Taehyung” and many people became fans of V after watching it.

Since it was a successful debut, there was a great interest in for his follow-up film, but for the next five years, the opportunity to encounter “Actor Kim Taehyung” has rarely come. As BTS has emerged as a global top group for the past five years, paradoxically, the opportunity is hard to come by.

V, however, is unlikely to find fans as ‘Actor Kim Taehyung’ for the time being. Due to BTS activity schedule, it would be difficult to film a drama since it requires a long period of time. It is also said that there are many cases where the discussion about V appearing in a drama does not proceed to a certain extent due to the team schedule.

There is another mountain to climb. The keynote of Big Hit, the agency related to BTS activities, remains unchanged. “There are no individual activities.” The policy of not being able to do individual activities may lead to the inability to appear due to the schedule.

Media coverage about BTS’ V have been high giving fans the hope that it could become a reality. Polls have been made about which roles V should play, which movies or K – dramas fit V perfectly

Those fans who saw V act in “Hwarang” want to see him again. Those who have not had the opportunity to watch the show have seen V perform on stage, in commercials and in music videos to know that V is a natural actor.

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