WATCH Graffiti Artist WEZT.ONE Bring BTS V’s Mural Painting To Life


BTS V’s visuals are often described as strikingly beautiful and the man really is a visual to behold. Both Jimin and Jungkook recognize that V is the King of the Jawline. He is every artist’s dream muse because he does not have to do anything, just exist and the beauty comes in a hundred fold. He makes artist’s work easy since his exquisiteness is unique and cannot be replicated so it is always such a treat to watch artists bring that fragile yet bold work of art into life. Graffiti artist WEZT.ONE turned an abandoned building into a work of art by painting the work of art.


The artist has a YouTube channel where he shared the entire process, from the raw empty wall at an abandoned building to the beautiful work of art that is V. His murals are life like and always amaze at how he gets the details so perfectly that you would feel like you are looking at a photograph!

On the description he wrote

“Hello, this is WEZT This is an abandoned factory in Korea. As you can see, I drew BTS’ V on a wall with a lot of graffiti and garbage. I am going to change the wall of this place. Please watch carefully from start to finish. My graffiti is sprayed from start to finish.”

Watch the beautiful process below

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