WATCH Graffiti Artist WEZT.ONE Bring BTS Jimin’s Mural Painting To Life


BTS Jimin is not only a worldwide star but he is every artist’s muse. From paintings, sculptures, oil canvas to murals, he has inspired many with his captivating beauty and ethereal features that are perfectly proportionate. Graffiti Artist WEZT.ONE painted a mural of Jimin and it is always the best experience to see a raw piece turn into the most beautiful painting you can imagine. He shared his finished mural art of Jimin which is perfection incarnate on his Instagram page.


The artist has a YouTube channel where he shared the entire process, from the raw empty wall to what the mural ended up being. Watch the grafitti artist at work and appreciate that the world has hands that bring realistic replicas of the owner of the artistic muse.

On the description he write

“Hello, this is WEZT. The weather is nice, and I drew BTS’ Jimin To practice painting. It’s been a while since I’ve been focusing on drawing. I’m thinking about what kind of interesting paintings I’ll do in the future. Someday I want to be an influential person in the world like BTS

Watch his amazing process

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