WATCH BTS Jungkook’s TV AD That Aired Right Before ‘Let’s BTS’ Show, Currently Trending Under ‘정구기 광고’(Jungkookie advertisement) in South Korea

BTS Jungkook is a loved Idol and fans are always looking for special ways to celebrate the songwriter, singer and producer. “JJK_SUPPORTERS” who are Jungkook’s large fanbase, Bought an TV Ad space for Jungkook that was aired right before, their show “Let’s BTS.” The KBS commercial was in support of the vocalist as BTS appeared on the show.

“JJK_SUPPORTERS” included in their ad video that Jungkook’s ‘Euphoria’ has acquired the eligibility for RIAA Gold Certification for the first time as a K-pop male idol’s solo song.

After the ad aired, ‘정구기 광고’(Jungkookie advertisement) is currently trending in South Korea.

Watch the full ad

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