BTS’ Jungkook Wants RM To Be His Leader Always as His Admiration of The Rapper Never Waned

BTS had a sit down for their “Let’s BTS!” KBS Show and each member had to say a word about another member.

“Our RM hyung. I’ve said this numerous times – He’s the reason why I chose the company, BigHit Entertainment. I saw RM hyung do raps and he was so cool. I’ve always seen him from before the debut and up till now” Jungkook

“..and I believe that he’s such person who deserves to be be the leader of BTS. Out of the 7 of us, he’s the person who’s the closest to a leader figure. As a person and a musician, he’s a person with a lot of learning and I hope he continues to be my leader always.” Jungkook

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