DJ Swivel Calls BTS’ Jungkook a Legend After “Euphoria” Sells 500K Units in The US Making it Legible for Gold Certification

BTS Jungkook’s song “Euphoria” recently hit another milestone when it sold over 500, 000 units in the US. “Euphoria” has also spent a whole year on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart. In the United States the song sold 15,000 digital copies in the first week of release, coming in at number twelve for the best selling songs in the country. In Canada the song was the nineteenth best seller upon release. Worldwide, it came in at number two for best selling songs

Jungkook’s’Euphoria’ is eligible to receive RIAA Gold (over 500,000), which is certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) by digital single and album sales with this record of 500,000 units sold.

‘Euphoria’ composer, producer, and Grammy winner DJ Swivel (DJ Swivel) expressed his special affection for Jungkook by complimenting him “Jungkook’s a legend. Periodtttttttt.” on his Twitter

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