Happy 2nd Anniversary to BTS’ Map Of The Soul: 7 Masterpiece Song by RM “Intro: Persona”

Today marks two years since “Intro: Persona” was released!

The video references various visuals and sounds from their “Skool Luv Affair” concept they had in 2014. Throughout it RM can be seen rapping in an empty classroom and addressing a squadron of cyborgs.RM is confronted with various versions of himself with words such as “persona,” “shadow,” and “ego” which references Carl Jung’s theories of psychology. In the song he rapped, “My shadow, I wrote and called it ‘hesitation.'” According to Jung’s theories, a “shadow” represents the dark side of one’s personality.

RM appears to start rapping from the perspective of his shadow, telling his flaws over the beat of a guitar. But RM also finds power in reclaiming these insecurities.

RM wears a jacket that has emblemed on it, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” which could reference Jung’s teachings about having two versions of oneself: the person who everyone sees, and the person behind the curtain that is hidden.

The video reached five million views in seven hours. The song was performed for the first time at the 2019 Melon Music Awards on November 30, 2019

Watch the MV below

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