BTS’ Suga Explains The Number ONE Rule That Has Maintained Their Enviable Teamwork & How the Members Sort Out Issues among Them

BTS’ Teamwork and friendship has always been a puzzle to onlookers who have always questioned how can 7 men exist together and not combust over pressure of being together 24 hours a day. Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook have lived together for almost 8 years while some like Suga and RM have been together for 10 years. Yet their closeness and great chemistry is one thing that has not changed over the years.

In one of Big Hit’s conferences,Bang Si Hyuk the CEO explained that what keeps BTS’ synergy and great team work is that he encouraged the boys to always work out their problems or arguments the 7 of them together, even if it is between 2 people, they all have to work it out, together. He even revealed that once two of them argued over something embarrassing but they all went to him and told him that they had a problem and explained how they solved it. BTS also have their own way of solving issues themselves.

During their “You Quiz On The Block” appearance on On 24th March Suga revealed that they have a rule that has enabled them to coexist in harmony for all these years.

One of the hosts said that he had interviewed all 7 members and they were all very different from each other

“That’s how the team, creates synergy” Suga said “At first I couldn’t imagine a worst match. Until the early days of debut”

Jin agrees with him

“Seriously. Because when you have seven guys in the room, you must have an argument. We argued over little matters. But as time passed, we’re like brothers now. The juniors ask me time to time. How can you be so close? You gotta have a lot of arguments. It’s okay if you make up afterwards” Suga

“But normally. People don’t make up. They just stay that way and that’s what creates issues. We made up on the day we had an argument. We had a rule that we make up within 24 hours” Suga

Watch full interview

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