BTS’ RM & V Talk About The One Thing That V’s Dad Said to Them That Has Become Their Slogan

With the background playing BTS’ Blue & Grey, V talked about the hardships that he faced as a new trainee. He talked with his father who calmed him down when he cried feeling like quiting and his father also visited every weekend just to hang out with him. V once told the story of how his father brought him to Seoul when he was joining BigHit Entertainment, apparently they were scammed by a taxi driver who took the longer route to their destination. V revealed that he was so mad at that time but his father calmed him down and told him that things like that happen sometimes.

V’s relationship with his father is the envy of every father-son dynamic. He talks very highly of his dad and never forgets to mention that his dad is more handsime than him. He even called his father when they saw the news of their Grammy nominations, V admirers his dad and wants to be like him when he grows up.

During BTS “You Quiz On The Block” talking about V’s dad, RM said,

“V’s father once told us something. We’re keeping it for a long time like a slogan. What is it?” RM asked V

“He said ‘It’s Not a Big Deal‘” V

“When we’re going through something hard. It’s not a big deal. We can stand up on our feet again. When something bad happens. It’s not a big deal, we can try something else. That’s how we present solutions. ” V

“I’m a lot like my dad. I want to have dad’s personality too. My goal is to be my dad.” V finished as he proudly stated that

BTS’ V has used that very phrase to write a poem for his members. In one of the RUN BTS episodes all the Members had to write poems and read to the group around a fireplace. V titled his poem “It’s No Big Deal” writing a paragraph for each member.

Watch the full interview

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