American Actress Gabrielle Union Shares Cute Video Of Her Daughter Receiving Her BTS’ Jimin’s BT21 CHIMMY Merch

Gabrielle Union, American actress and wife of famous NBA player Dwyane Wade updated her daughter’s Instagram page with a video of little Kaavia exvitedly receiving her Chimmy merch! The “Being Mary Jane” actress Captioned the post

“If yall didn’t know, I’m a BTS Jimin Chimmy STAN

BTS Jimin with CHIMMY

Baby Kaavia receiving her Chimmy Merch

A few months back Union shared on her Instagram story a photo of her and Kaavia going for a ride. Next to the toddler sat a Chimmy from the BT21 collection, saying how inseparable Kaavia was from the stuffed toy captioning it,

“Now Chimmy has to go everywhere. What’ll be next on Kaav’s K-Pop Journey?

Baby Kaavia is Jimin biased as Gabrielle Union has shared more adorable pictures of her daughter with Chimmy before

Here is Chimmy with little Kaavia and get father

Chimmy again just chilling with his favourite person waiting for Zombies

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