After Winning #1 On a Music Show and Having Their Own Concert BTS’ Suga Thought His Career as Producer Would Begin Then, But It Really Didn’t Go as Planned

BTS’ Suga revealed in one of their episodes in their movie series that, initially he only came to Seoul to become a song writer/producer and he even said that he only accepted to join BTS because he knew it would be a Hip Hop group and he would be doing most of the producing for the group, it did not turn out that way and it took some convincing for him to stay when it was turned into an idol group and he had to sing and dance, which he is pretty good at.

At least he still practices his initial plan of producing since he is credited in many BTS songs as a producer. Not only that he also produces for other artists as well. He won an award for producing Suran’s hit song “Wine,” and he has even produced his own solo songs.

BTS got candid with the hosts of “You Quiz on The Block” show as they answered questions about their past and present life. Suga was asked about how he feels about BTS breaking new ground.

“When something you didn’t want comes true. Noting could be more pressuring than that.” Suga started.

“I thought my singer career will meet its end after that. Especially when idol groups doesn’t last for a long time. After Winning number 1 on a Music Show and having our own concert, I always thought my singer career would end. And my life as a producer will start.” He confessed.

“But then… We were told to go to US.”

BTS 2017 AMA Performance

“I never expected that. I never thought I’d be on the Billboard chart. We were performing at an American Award Show. It felt so scary. Because I never imagined it. Where should I seek advice? If we had predecessors. What should I do in this situation? What kind of mindset should I bring? I would have been able to ask these things. But we didn’t have an example”

“I felt lost” Suga admitted

“I performed on so many stages, but still it was the scariest day. My hands were trembling. When we had our solo stage at the AMAs. We performed DNA (November 19th 2017) I rarely get nervous on stage. But i was so nervous that day. Because I understood what it meant. I got back to the hotel and cried that day…” Suga

Suga went on to express how he had conflicting emotions about everything that was happening so fast

“this is not what I wanted, I was being that way. On the contrary you thought this is what you wanted. I didn’t want it to become this pressuring since it was your first experience. Because I knew it was the start. I didn’t think that it’ll end as a one time thing” Suga

Watch full interview

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