MTV UK Wants BTS’ Jimin To Start a Selfcare YouTube Channel After His Twitter Update & We’re Here for It, Here’s Why He’s The Epitome of Comfort

“BTS’ Jimin embodies comfort like he was moulded and sculpted into it. The contemporary dancer and vocalist always has words that come from deep in his heart and the depths of his soul. He is always looking out for ARMY, worrying about them, he even broke down during their Map Of The Soul ON:E concert because it felt unfair that because of Covid, they could not perform infront of ARMY. Jimin always thinks of ways to make sure that fans know that he is always thinking about them, through his music and the words that he shares with them.

BTS’ Jimin posted a Selca on their Twitter page and left a message that said “I hope you all have a good day today. Don’t skip meals” MTV UK is now petitioning for Jimin to start a Selfcare YouTube Channel, and we are in for it.

In their latest appearance on the “BTS You Quiz on The Block” show, Jimin was asked what ARMY meant to him and he said that they were the people he loved the most and that they taught him the words ‘I love you,’ ARMY have a soft spot in Jimin’s heart.

Another of Jimin’s words of comfort were felt when BTS gave their commencement speech during the “Dear Class of 2020” event, Jimin said,

โ€œFirst, congratulations on your graduation. But at the same time, I am worried for everyone. I think about your health and whether youโ€™re doing OK, whether you are holding on tight when nothing seems to go as planned, whether your body and mind are all safe and sound. I hope you are all doing well, but if things are not OKโ€”even in the slightestโ€”we send you our most sincere consolation with all our hearts. SUGA likened the stage of today to being deserted on an island, but I hope you will never give up. Remember there is a person here in Korea, in the city of Seoul, who understands you. We are all in different parts of the world, in different environments and circumstances, but at this moment I hope we can all give each other a warm pat on the back and say, โ€˜Itโ€™s OK.โ€™โ€ _ Jimin

On his Twitter posts Jimin always has words that are meant to comfort ARMY, he always offers advice and beautiful words that speak of his concern for fans worldwide. He has always been grateful to fans for always supporting BTS.


Today, 26th March 2021, “I hope everyone has a happy day today as well. Don’t skip meals and make sure to eat (the meals)

8th March 2021 “The weather is still chilly, please wear warm

5th March 2021, “Have a happy rest of the day

3rd February 2021, “Goodnight

10th January 2021, “Weโ€™re able to start off the new year with a happy and thankful heart, all thanks to you. Thank you to all of the ARMYs who cheered us on. I hope you all will receive many blessings this new year!”

18th December 2020, “Thank you ARMYs so so much for watching and supporting us till late today! Will work harder for the better stage going forward. It’s cold please be careful not to catch a cold and don’t forget the mask”

12th December 2020, “Thank you to all ARMYs who watched over us today too. Thanks to all of you, I spent a grateful day today too. I hope you all have a warm end of the year as well Thank you. (Using mask is a must !!)”

27th August 2020, “I’m glad that the typhoon has passed. They say they’ll be coming again next week, be careful”

14th August 2020, “Please finish your day well today and have a good night.

8th May 2020, “Even if you are uncomfortable, wear a mask well!

5th May 2020, “I hope you can spend precious time with your families”

2nd May 2020, Thank you truly for first place on Inkigayo! Please look forward to the promotions we will continue to have . And please make sure to wear your masks well – being healthy is the most important!

MTV UK is not the only one whipped for Jimin, Here’s more subscribers Jimin would get if he does get that YouTube Channel ๐Ÿคž

It’s Jimin’s language, words of comfort

We love you Jimin!

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