Is It or Is It Not? “JIMIN CROP TOP” Debate Raged on After BTS’ Release of Their Teaser for OST “Film Out”

On 25th March, BTS released a teaser for their upcoming OST “Film Out” and with it came all kinds of terms trending. And as observant as ARMY is, the details of the short clip did not go unnoticed. Apart from the visuals of the clip of the members, someone pointed out that Jimin is wearing a crop top in the video. Shortly after the debate began, “is Jimin wearing a cop top?” “is that a crop top or belt that Jimin has on?” This reminded fans of the debate about whether Jimin is facing front or back in their “Boy With Luv ft. Halsey” ending scene.

Nothing more than a little tease of a glimpse of skin for them to get excited, Bangtan rarely show skin and when that happens, its like an electric current goes around the world with the excitement, so the possibility, thin possibility that Jimin was wearing a crop top, caused the term “Jimin Crop Top” to trend under Jimin on Twitter worldwide.

BTS “Film Out” teaser clip

Jimin has gifted fans with glimpses of his well-toned stomach muscles on few occasions, and each moment is precious and ARMY have even counted those times. It does not help that Jimin loves to wear loose fitting clothes that just glide down his body when he dances, especially those hard hitting moves where he has to jump or twirl. Here are those few moments that fans have lived to cherish.

BTS Jimin D-ICON Magazine shoot
BTS Jimin performing during 5th muster Japan
BTS Jimin during Love Yourself, Speak Yourself Tour
BTS Jimin Airplane Part.2 on Mnet BTS COMEBACK SHOW

The frenzy that the thought of Jimin wearing a crop top caused worldwide

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