BTS’ Jin Just Broke One of Their Golden Social Media Rules & His Confession is Hilarious

BTS have had 5 Golden Twitter Rules that they themselves created and broke. The rules are “No Swearing” “No Individual Accounts” “Don’t post pictures exposing your body” “Funny derp photos can only be posted with permission” and last “Don’t tweet after drinking”. Some BTS members have been guilty of breaking the last one, Don’t tweet after drinking, which they have broken. Jimin being one of the culprit, and recently in their RUN BTS episode, J-Hope admitted that he posted a picture when he was drunk during one of their tours.

Jin went on Weverse and shared a sequence of several photos that included him holding a wand of cash, then a picture of their boss Bang Si Hyuk aka Hitman Bang preparing dinner, then a selca with him, then a picture of the cooked dinner, then a final picture of him and his boss, with their boss pouting, Bang Si Hyuk pouting! That was yesterday, 25th March. Friday morning 26th March, Jin updated on Weverse again his confession which is just hilarious!

BTS Jin’s Weverse post

“Seokjin-ah, keep in mind that you’re not allowed to use SNS after drinking [alcohol]” Jin

BTS Jin on Weverse 25th March

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