BTS Jimin’s TikTok Hashtag Surpassed 35 Billion Views Without a Personal Account

BTS Jimin’s hashtag on TikTok has surpassed 35 Billion Views! He has achieved this feat without owning a personal account. His TikTok hashtag #jimin has 3.05 billion views, with other keywords like “park jimin” has 9.6 billion views, all hit top 5 hashtags have billions of views. Jimin has been named IT Boy, his brand name holds the power to outsell any item he comes into contact with. He sold out a lip balm that he was seen applying on his lips, he sold out an entire outfit within hours and a plaid shirt he wore in a 20 second video!

Jimin’s TikTok Videos are usually of his dance moves tha are truly mesmerizing and addictive. His ethereal, beautiful unmistakably beautiful visuals always draw the crowd in. Then you have his fit physique that is the envy of many. Most of all his captivating awe inspiring, jaw dropping voice immediately keeps you glued to him.

Congratulations Jimin!

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