BTS’ RM Compares Their Journey Together Like Riding a Balloon That Keeps Going Higher On BTS’ “You Quiz On The Block” Show

Twitter/ Jk_mytimeee

On 24th March, BTS appeared on the South-Korean TV variety show “You Quiz On The Block” where they had various segments and had one on one sessions and also answered some questions from the hosts. BTS Rapper, writer, producer and leader RM spoke about their teamwork dynamics and how it has strengthened their bond and made them work harder.

“In a way, our team always continued to extend itself as if it would be the last of the lasts, the last of the lasts, the last of the lasts.” RM

“We’re riding on a large ad balloon together, but it’s not losing air and only climbing higher. It’s entering the stratosphere, thermosphere, and even space itself so it’s scary. Of course it’s scary. I didn’t know we’d get to space when I first rode the ad balloon. I thought we’d float in the atmosphere for a bit before landing softly.” RM

“But now that the situation has come wherein our sweat and those peak moments have had to disappear, it’s as though we’re not behaving honourably, though we are doing in fact our best. I think our biggest question is whether we can continue like this.” RM

“Let’s do our best to show them what we’re capable of. When we perform, it’s like our hearts are going to burst, like we’re going to die, like we might actually faint and decrease our life expectancy at this rate — we promoted thinking that we’re burning up our life.” RM

Full interview

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