You Never Knew You Needed ‘Rapper Jin’ Until He Sang 3 Different Rapline’s Verses On BTS’ “You Quiz On The Block” Show

Twitter/ Jk_mytimeee

On 24th March, BTS appeared on the South-Korean TV variety show “You Quiz On The Block” where they had various segments with games, had one on one sessions and also answered some questions from the hosts. BTS were guessing the name of their songs that was playing and Jin got it right after just a few seconds. Jin proved just how much he has so much grip on all of their performances. He actually knows every dance step of others too, he knows every lyric of the songs that BTS have done over the years and can sing word for word, no matter who sung the song, whether it be the rappers or the vocalists.

Jin sang RM’s verse for their song “IDOL” then sang J-Hope’s verse on their song “Spring Day” and finished with Suga’s verse on their song “Blood Sweat & Tears” which just shows how observant Jin is, he is so hardworking and a professional at that.

And of course his lower register is sexy as hell, who knew you needed Jin rapping and singing in his deep voice?

Full interview

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