Helinox Teases New Brand Collaboration With BTS To Be Released in April

BTS supprt and love for local brands continues as they have landed another collaboration with a Korean company, Helinox. Helinox is known for packable furnitures and accessories mostly portable for outdoor activities such camping chairs, tables and cots. Helinox shared a 21 second clip on their Twitter that said that the new collaboration will be released on 21.04.07. The clip has few shots with shades of purple, so are we going to get purple colored camping furniture? The power of BTS V’s “IPurpleYou” and “Borahae” continues to be incorporated into brand’s that BTS collaborates with.

Helinox have incorporated portable designs for the camping gear that enables you to have an easier time while camping. They even have a portable office, their product ‘Tactical Field Office M’, enables you can create your own outdoor office anywhere.


Lightweight, foldable camping furniture for all weather conditions, Helinox camping chairs, cots, and tables bring the comfort of home to your campsite.


Watch the trailer

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