BTS’ Suga Revisits His Shoulder Injury & His Memory of Their 2017 AMA Stage on BTS’ “You Quiz On The Block” Show

Twitter/ Jk_mytimeee

On 24th March, BTS appeared on the South-Korean TV variety show “You Quiz On The Block” where they had various segments and had one on one sessions and also answered some questions from the hosts. Suga talked about his injured shoulder and the memories and emotions he felt during their 2017 AMA Performance.

“When I started that part-time job, we were on the verge of being broken up. The company was about to stop investing, There was no guarantee, no money. So I thought I should do something at least.” Suga

“I was in a traffic accident while making a delivery. It was raining, then. The tendon tore in my shoulder. I promoted for about 8 years like that, just getting shots, and so it got to the point I couldn’t lift my arm, which is why I ended up getting surgery.” Suga

Suga talking about the 2017 American Music Awards (AMA’s)

“That day, I went back to the hotel and cried. ‘this isn’t what I wanted, I didn’t want this to become such an overwhelming situation’…and because I knew that that was the beginning..” Suga translated by @sebyul

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