BTS’ Jungkook Reminisces His First Days In Seoul, His Fears & Realizations On BTS’ “You Quiz On The Block” Show

Twitter/ Jk_mytimeee

On 24th March, BTS appeared on the South-Korean TV variety show “You Quiz On The Block” where they had various segments and had one on one sessions and also answered some questions from the hosts. Jungkook was asked to say something he would tell his former or past self, he spoke of the fears he had when he first came to Seoul and his responsibility as the main vocalist of BTS.

On what he would tell his past self, “I don’t really want to say much to my younger self. because I think after running into obstacles, being reprimanded, and experiencing these things, I’ve become who I am today.” Jungkook

“Not much to say tbh after I experienced so many things I feel that I became who I am. When I first came to Seoul all was so grand I was so scared and thought how am I gonna live?” Jungkook

On his fears as the main vocalist, “After some months passed I missed my mom so much I cried while eating a cup ramen at the convenient store. When we debuted I was the main vocal of the team. I used to think: other teams’ main vocals are so good at singing and good at dancing and handsome/cool and I thought what am I? can I really be this team’s main vocal..? ” Jungkook

“Is it right that I’m the main vocal? I felt that I’m the only person who can change things. It all depended on my actions. I set no rules. There were no absolute rules for me. I worked and practiced my vocal whenever I can. 24 hours..” Jungkook

On his promise to himself, “Until my arms and feet wear out, until my lungs wear out, until my voice does all that it can, I want to keep singing.” Jungkook

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