BTS Jungkook’s TV AD That Was Played on Mnet During The Grammy Awards Ceremony

BTS Jungkook’s fanbases @Jungkook_China @supporter_jk  & @LUVSIGNAL901 partnered to have an ad to be played during Grammy Awards broadcast in Korea on MNET. The commercial was scheduled to run on March 15 at 8:55 am KST. It will air 3 times during the main broadcasts. To congratulate BTS and Jung Kook-i’s first ‘Grammy Award’ nomination and performer selection for Korean pop music artists, Mnet’s ‘Grammy Award’ ad support will be held on March 15th (Mon).

We look forward to your attention and love.” The statement read on the twitter account. The AD showed clips of Jungkook in their “Dope,” “FIRE,” and “FAKE LOVE” music videos. The ad was shown which was amazing as more people got to know Jungkook through the ad being shown at the GRAMMYS

The ad being shown on TV

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