“Last Week Tonight Show” Host and Comedian John Oliver Mentioned BTS’ Jimin During His Show Aired on HBO

Emmy Award Winning Comedian John Oliver, mentioned Jimin in his show on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” aired on HBO. Oliver was talking about recycling and he noted that out of the seven numbers you see in the “chasing arrows” recycling symbol, only two appear on products that can be recycled on a regular basis.

Then he said,

“That is a pretty bad ratio for a group of seven,” Oliver said before cracking: “Ideally, you’d want a little more balance like BTS — there’s not a weak link in that unbreakable chain of heartthrobs. With so many people on stage, you would understand if sometimes Jimin only gave 50 percent, but he doesn’t. He beats up the dance floor every night like he just caught it robbing his houseSource

Which is true of Jimin’s dancing, the man gives 1000% per cent and hits every beat like it was the last time he would dance. Jimin dances with his whole body, soul, mind and heart, just watching him you feel every emotion that he is trying to potray in the music he is dancing to.

He has an intensity, passion and fire in his movements that are jaw dropping and sometimes he is hitting the beat so hard like in Mic Drop or Fake

Mic drop

Fake Love

Love and then other times he is literally floating on the dance floor like magic, case in point, his “FILTER” performance during “Map Of The Soul ON:E” virtual concert

or during Serendipity performances.

Jimin is the full embodiment of dance, in all its aspects and details.

Watch the full show

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