KBS Releases ˝Let´s BTS! 2021˝ Special Talk Show Preview Schedule & How To Watch

KBS has released the teaser for the special “Let’s BTS” special talk show 2021, starring all seven members of the BTS. The show will focus on the messages of comfort and hope BTS have been delivering. “Let’s BTS” will not only capture the world’s global artists of BTS, but also the candid stories of the seven young people who are during this era. We will solve stories that were not heard anywhere else, such as the composition in which members can share each other’s insincerity.”

Let’s BTS said, “You can not only talk, but also witness live stage of BTS. We are preparing a special stage that is different from the previous stage. It will be a place where you can feel the power of comfort that they are told by music.” With Mc Shin Dong-yeop, & special corner, Jang Do-yeon! There will be a surprise appearance of Celebrity!

The Show will air on (KST)March 29 Mon. 22:40: LIVE/No subs, March 30 Tue. 23:20: ENG/CHN subs, April 5 Mon. 23:50 Malaysian subs, *Highlights will be uploaded on KBS WORLD TV YouTube on March 30th

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