Have A Confession? Want to Get Something Off Your Chest? Join #ARMYConfessionTime Trending at No. 3 Worldwide

We all have things that we would like to get off our chests sometimes, good or bad and its always good if you have a listening ear. Today ARMY has been getting those things off their chests by trending #ArmyConfessionTime. The term is already trending at #3 worldwide at the time of writing. Most confessions are about the first time they encountered BTS, as Baby ARMYs what was their initial thoughts about BTS, what were some of the things that they assumed about BTS and some that they got wrong and are feeling cringed about and the realizations after. Take a seat, get some popcorn and take the journey down memory lane as you read some confessions, most of which are relatable to any new BTS fan before they really understand who these 7 men are and what they stand for. The most popular of them is that they “thought JIN and JUNGKOOK were siblings or twins” and the funniest “when I thought V owned VLIVE

The intor to this YouTube channel made a lot of ARMY to know BTS’ song “Don’t Leave me”

I really thought seokjin and jungkook are siblings. I was like wow brothers in the same group!

BTS Starter pack

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