BTS’ Jin Trended in More Than 15 Countries as His Impeccable Beauty Captivated Fans After BTS’ “You Quiz On The Block” Photos & Teaser Were Released

BTS is set to appear on the Show. They will discuss among other things their thoughts on the Grammys, have group & individual interviews, group You Quiz Time with Heungtan Sonyeondan (Boys with Fun), the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” of BTS as young adults in their 20’s, etc. BTS’ Jin caught the attention of fans worldwide as his charms and handsomeness was the cause of ARMYs euphoria.

Fans were so captivated that he trended on Twitter worldwide. Comments like “Disney’s face on Marvel’s body. Really amazing” “Every moment of Kim Seokjin is legendary” and “No, I already know that he’s handsome, but how he always amazes me every time I see him! Wow Kim Seokjin is coming~!!!” were used to describe just how good looking Jin is.

His name “kim seokjin,” “SEOKJIN,” trended in several countries. He trended in USA, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Italy, Peru, Greece, Singapore, Pakistan, Chile, Argentina, Poland among other countries, the power that Mr. World Wide Handsome holds!

Who would not be drawn in by this man’s beauty that is just so effortless, flawless and perfect. Kim Seok-jin is a man with visual that can charm a snake out of its hiding. He just radiates this almost fairy tale mystical creature that is the stuff that legends are made of, only that he is real. Jin is like a painting that you do not want to stop looking at, as its charisma is truly magnetic.

How can you not fall for this man? How?

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