BTS’ Jimin Sold Out a Lip balm He Was Seen Using in a Bangtan MTV VMAs Episode

The lip balm product Jimin used during their MTV VMAs Bangtan bomb video has led to explosive purchases through the Naver Store, leading to sold out at each sale site! BTS’ Jimin continues to prove his sold out King status as fans are always immediately drawn to what he wears or uses. He sold out an entire outfit in Less Than 24 Hours, he sold out a simple BTS Merch outfit within minutes, there is no stopping the brand that is Park Jimin!

On 20th March Big Hit released the 2020 MTV VMAs Episode of the members getting ready for their performance. The MTV Glad was BTS’ first ever “Dynamite” live stage. The members revealed that they would have loved to perform outside but due to the weather conditions they had to shoot indoors.

Each member gave their throught about Dynamite, the performance among other topics. Jimin said, , “It’s the first release of the’Dynamite’ stage, but it’s unfortunate that the first release is not in front of the fans.I hope you enjoy watching and having fun together”

What caught viewers attention was Jimin applying a burgundy lipbalm. Immediately fans became excited and wanted to know which Lip balm Jimin was using, some even joked about wanting to be the lip balm. A fan even shared that they had bought the lipbalm.

The lip balm sold out in several stores

Watch the MTV VMAs episode

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