Korean Artist & Painter Kildren Posted His Artwork Process of Creating BTS Jimin’s Painting With ‘Friend’s as Background Music

I really LOVE Art, in all its forms, paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography and I’m always so excited to discover new artworks especially of BTS members. BTS are always muses for artists since their visuals are captivating, unique and artistic of themselves. Popular Korean painter and artist, Kildren, posted the process of one of the beautiful artworks he has done of Jimin on his Instagram account, using “Friends” as his background music. He tagged the post, “Everytime I listen to this song, my nose feels stuffy”

The artwork by Kildren is of a scene from Jimin’s solo song “Filter” performance during day 2 of BTS’ online concert ‘Map Of The Soul ON:E held last year in November that drew in almost 1 million viewers from 191 countries in the world! The painting features Jimin’s sexy and fascinating visuals and atmosphere captured in the artist’s unique style.

The painting

Kildren uses the song “Friends,” as his background which was produced, written, and composed by Jimin and performed by Jimin and V. Kildren mentions that “it’s a beautiful song that draws not only melody but also empathy and emotion and is loved by many people regardless of gender. Source

The inspiration

He had posted the finished painting in November 2020 and titled it ” JIMIN’ the Dancing Flower🌸”

Kildren has posted his incredible paintings of other BTS members and other personalities and has even held exhibitions of his collection. I hope one day in the near future I get to visit his gallery or exhibition. He is just too good!

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