BTS’ “Dynamite” Had The Biggest Sales Gains Out Of All Songs Performed at The GRAMMYs

Worldwide super stars BTS proved once again why they are the greatest band in the world right now. Their star power is unmatched and their fans power is unmatched too. BTS had a great year 2020 and 2021 is already probing to become another outstanding year for bandmates Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Performance wise there is no other artist that can compare to BTS’ commitment, hard work, stamina, and energy. All their performances and stage presence is always electrifying and almost like magic that you will have to see it to believe that it is just a performance and not a music video.

BTS’ performance at the GRAMMY awards was the most anticipated performance of the night. From their outfits, visuals to vocals, BTS outdid every other performance that they have done for “Dynamite” so far. The highligt was when they all went to the rooftop to finish the performance on al all time high.

It is no wonder that they had the highest number of sales after their performance which was also motivated by them not receiving their award that the whole world expected that they would. BTS ARMY know where they take their fight whenever they know that there has been unfairness to BTS, the best way that they will reward BTS is through charting their discography, and charting and buying they did.

Out of all the performances, BTS topped the number of sales by 2,748% selling 10,500 units, that is DOUBLE and then some, the number of sales that the second highest artist sold! The power of BTS and ARMY is unmatched!

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