BTS Jimin’s Full Louis Vuitton Outfit From “You Quiz On The Block” Show Sold Out in Less Than 24 Hours!

BTS Jimin’ power to influence fashion, trends, style and brands is unmatched and uncontested. His Midas touch is unavoidable as everything about him peaks the interest of fans and non fans alike. Everything he wears becomes the most sought after item and is usually gone by the time you finish blinking. And that is how you know that “The JIMIN EFFECT” is real and undeniable.

On the 17th, tvN’s variety show “You Quiz on the Block” released a preview of the BTS special. Jimin wore a Louis Vuitton black round knitwear & a cow-shaped pendant necklace, and washed out black jeans.

The Knitwear and Necklace were sold out within 24 hours in Louis Vuitton’s South Korea Shop! Talk about Sold Out King coming into full force!

Black Inside Out Crewneck Sweatshirt (All sizes except 3L), LV Friends Pendant and The ‘cream-colored’ Inside Out sweatshirt was also sold out

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