BTS’ “Blue & Grey” Single Has Now Sold Over 200,000 Units In the US

Blue & Grey is BTS’ single from their latest album “BE” which was written by V is a song about feelings of loneliness and he explained during their MTV Unplugged that the blue part is representing feeling down while the grey part is them missing their fans ARMY. Blue & Grey debuted in the Billboard Hot 100 and is one of the songs from the album that is performing really well on music charts. The song has sold over 200,000 units in the US which just shows how much of a great impact the song has and it is beloved worldwide

When V was asked about writing Blue & Grey, he said,

“There was a time I was going through something like this. I was having the toughest time, but I couldn’t keep carrying that feeling around with me. Instead, I could use it as a kind of fertilizer.”

“So I took care of that feeling by constantly writing it down in my notes. I just kept writing everything down, and when finally, I felt like I wanted to try writing a song, I did. After the song was finished, I felt a sense of accomplishment, and that’s how I was able to let go of “Blue & Grey.” That was one way I wanted to try getting over my problem.”

BTS performed Blue & Grey for the first time during their MTV Unplugged series together with “Telepathy” “Life Goes On” and “Dynamite” which are on their new album “BE” and also covered Cold Play’s “Fix You”

Watch BTS Perform the song

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