Big Hit Entertainment Have Officially Presented Their New Brand: HYBE

Big Hit Entertainment is repackaging its brand from “Big Hit Entertainment” to HYBE”. With the new brand HYBE will be adding to its “Music Production” other areas like Publishing, New Artist Development, Artist Management, 360 Business, UP Business, Platform Business, Education Business and so much more. The CEO stated that the new company name “HYBE” symbolizes “connection” “expansion” and “relationships”

He also mentioned that the name “Big Hit Entertainment” will not disappear but exist as “Big Hit Music” which will encompass Music Production, Artist Management and Fan Communication. HYBE labels include Big Hit Music, BELIFT LAB, SOURCE MUSIC, PLEDIS Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, and HYBE Labels Japan, each of the labels will maintain their independence and originality.

The company ran a campaign with its artist to get a tag line for the new company, each labels artist posted selfies with the question (What Do You Believe in?) and the artist have come up with the taglines that may be for their own label names or will be chosen in the end to represent HYBE. The tag lines are; “I Believ In SETTING GOALS” “I Believe In MYSELF” “I Believe In 😊” “I Believe In PINEAPPLE” “I Believe In CONNECTION (BTS)”

The company also involved fans on their quest for a tagline by asking tha same question “What Do You Believe In) In their presentation they highlighted some of the answers that fans have to that question.

From hope to peace to justice, to myself, fans gave various answered to that question.


What does HYBE Believe in?

“We believe in MUSIC. With music we move people’s hearts, make a positive impact and change people’s live together” HYBE

Watch the presentation below

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