8 Jin, Jimin and RM (JinJoonMin) Moments That Reminded Us of Their Friendship After Their VLive

BTS Jin, RM and Jimin had a VLive where they were making and had the best time, a chaotic mix of laughter, jokes and challenged. The two vocalists and rapper even had a challenge where they played rock paper, scissors and whoever lost had to stuff 8 cherry tomatoes in their mouths. RM revealed a secret where he said that Jin once told him that he almost had a heart attack, Jin felt embarrassed when RM pointed that he said he looked at the mirror after having a shower, saw himself and almost had a heart attack at how good looking he was. Jin the proceeded to show how he pushed back his hair in wonderment at his own beautiful reflection.

Jimin shared how V was a savage whenever they were on a diet. Once Jimin just said that he wished he could have chocolate bread as they were walking during their trainee days, V ran back and he came to meet them eating a chocolate bread. Another instance was recently when Jungkook said that he was going on a diet, as they were at a meat restaurant, V turned to Jungkook and asked him to feed V the meat, after reminiscing as they ate their salad which they had prepared.

Jin, RM and Jimin used to hang out with each other in their rookie days

They grew up and kept having fun together

Jin, RM and Jimin In The Soop

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