Topps Issues Apology Over Their Garbage Pail Kids Cards Collection Depiction of BTS, Pulls Out The Set

We are living in times where people need to be aware of their actions and words that they speak. Never has there been a time where people from all corners of the world need to be ‘stronger together’. At the end of it all, we are fighting a common enemy, the pandemic.

When the collection was shared by the company BTS Fans took to social media and questioned why only BTS would be depicted in such a violent way while all other artists were ‘normal’. Even worse was the fact that there have been so many reports of xenophobic crimes against Asians. ARMYs, trended at #1 #RacismIsNotComedy on Twitter to voice their disappointment and frustrations.

The worst part of this whole issue is that the collection was also released on the same day that eight people, six of whom were Asian women, were murdered in Georgia spa businesses, prompting many to criticize Topps’ decision to release an image of battered Asian men amidst a spike in anti-Asian hate crimes and xenophobia.

After the social media backlash, from BTS’ fans Topps, the creators of “Garbage Pail Kids Cards” collections, addressed the controversial set on Twitter in a short statement. The company apologized and stated that the cards have been pulled out and will no longer be produced.

But is it really, really enough? An apology. Without accountability and consequences then does it change anything? How long will people not realize that the internet does not forget? Once everything has been laid out there, there is no erasing from people’s memories, the damage is already done.

Fans did not find that apology good enough or even addressing the issues at hand

With how fast technology is, information travels at the speed of light and before “truth has put on its shoes, the lie is already halfway around the world and then back.” A quote that really speaks on this age we live in.

There should be no more excuses of using satire, irony, art or even music to hide behind negativity. People should be accountable.

There’s nothing satirical or funny about racism or violence against already marginalized communities. Every person has a right to live freely without the far that their ethnicity, color, religion, race, gender, age, or any other identity that they choose to be. Let us not excuse issues in the name of jest, really human beings are affected.

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