Ms. Kang Sun-ja Owner of Yoojung Sikdang Café Where BTS Ate During Their Rookie Days Celebrated BTS’ GRAMMY Nomination

Ms. Kang Sun-ja, the owner of Yoojung Sikdang, where BTS used to eat almost every day for 2 years before and during their rookie days, posted a photo her celebrating “BTS’” GRAMMY Nomination. She shared her memories with the boys during trainee days in an interview with Kpop Herald ans spoke how…

“the boys were very bright, respectful, friendly and well-mannered. They are just well-rounded. Not many people their age are like that. Every time we met they greeted and I thought there is something different about them.” Ms. Kang Sun-ja

That BTS,

“Their success is not just pure luck but thanks to their effort. They really put their blood and sweat into their work. At times I felt like their parents would feel for their children if they saw them. When they practiced so hard, they would come upstairs from the studio in the basement with their T-shirts and hair all covered in sweat. They would practice every day from the morning to 10 p.m., sometimes they would just practice the night away. They worked that hard.” Ms. Kang Sun-ja

Ms. Kang had followed BTS’ career and she has always celebrated their milestones, she celebrated all the boys’ birthdays and posted photos or videos of her celebrating their birthday, her latest celebration was Suga’s birthday. After were nominated she celebrated that beautiful momenta and shared on her twitter account. She even had V’s favorite fruits, strawberries and Suga’s favorite fruits, tangerines!

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