BTS’ “I NEED U” Official Music Video (Original version.) Surpasses 100 Million Views

BTS’ music video of “I NEED U” released in May 2015 surpassed 100 million views on YouTube on 15th March. “I NEED U,” the title track of BTS’ third mini-album “Huayang Yeonhwa pt.1 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1)

“I Need U” is “an expressive dance track that soars with BTS’ emotive vocals as whistling synths, reverberating hi-hats, and R&B-inspired riffs build upon one another to create a sense of melodic despondency.” The song serves as “the start of one’s young adulthood, in which beauty coexists with uncertainty, and focuses on the uncertain future more than the glamour of youth.”

BigHit Entertainment

BTS’ “I NEED U”(Original ver.) music video joins; 1.2 billion views of “DNA”, 1.1 billion views of “Boy With Luv’ (Feat.”Halsey”, 900 million views,“Dynamite”, “FAKE LOVE” and “MIC Drop” 800 million views, ‘IDOL’, ‘Blood Sweat Tears, ‘700 million views, ‘FIRE,’ 600 million views, ‘Save ME’ with 500 million views, ‘Not Today’ with 400 million views, ‘Best Man’ and ‘Spring Day’, ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifest Film, ‘Hormone Wars’ with 200 million views, ‘I NEED U’, ‘ON’, ‘Black Swan’, ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘Danger’, ‘Just One Day’, ‘We are bulletproof PT.2’, ‘RUN’, ‘Serendipity’, ‘Singularity’, ‘No More Dream’, ‘EAT’. Nicki Minaj,’ ‘Dynamite’ B-side, and ‘Dynamite’ (Choreography ver.)

Watch the video below

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