‘Mimidar’ Company Thanks BTS’ RM For Promoting Korean Culture Around The World By Using One Of Their Product

BTS members always show their generosity and down to earth character by simply using local products and promoting it for free. By doing this they are helping the brand to boost its profits and sales and thus their means of survival in the business world. BTS’ Jungkook even mentioned in one of his VLive sessions that he is thinking about recommending some of the products he uses. His brand as a celebrity will definitely help boost the products and even services just by mentioning them.

On March 15th BTS’ RM posted on Weverse a picture of him at the Gym with the caption “I’m here to work out” He had taken the mirror selfie with his phone and fans already searched what type of phone case it is. 7 hours ago the company that manufactures the phone case posted a message thanking RM for being an idol that promotes Korean culture. The phone case is Gorye Celadon Cellphone Case by the Mimidar company. The company is already experiencing a high number of orders that are both local and international.

BTS RM’s post on Weverse

“Thankfully, an artist who is promoting K-POP and Korean culture around the world, is using the Goryeo celadon case of MIMIDAR. We’ve been trying to introduce Korean traditions. So we appreciated everyone that participated in MIMIDAR’s effort.” Mimidar

“Many people are asking about overseas shipping. It can be shipped overseas. Please, contact us on DM” Mimidar

The Gorye Celadon Cellphone Case

“…it is difficult to repay the great love with anything because dynamite-class orders have been recorded. We will do our best to reward you with more benefits and good products. Now that orders are coming in from not only domestically but also from around the world, the delivery is delayed by about 2-3 days compared to the usual delivery schedule, even though all employees are doing their best to produce and deliver.” Mimidar

We love to see an idol who is doing more than just influencing the world but also providing physical support to hard working individuals. Thank you RM!

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