Dallas Lovato, American Singer Demi Lovato’s Sister, Shared Her 12 Hour BTS ‘Rabbit Hole” Journey & It’s Relatable!

The BTS “Rabbit Hole” is as real as anything can be! It mostly starts with “I just wanted to know their names” but the one that takes the cake is always “Who’s that guy in, or Who’s that guy wearing, or Who’s that guy with the (this or that color mic” especially after a performance. That’s the BTS effect for you. So many people have heard ‘of’ BTS but not ‘about’ BTS. Once they are acquainted, then now they want to know ‘EVERYTHING! NOW!’

Most people go through this phase in private, going through all the many stages of ‘Who is BTS’ but just recently Dallas Lovato who is the sister to American Singer Demi Lovato decided to share with the entire world her experience of the infamous “BTS RABBIT” hole, and it is completely and utterly Relatable! She even confessed that she canceled a teaching lesson to find out who are these 7 men that everybody is talking about? Why are they everywhere? are they really worth the hype? And then you realize that the answer is always, yes, yes, yes and yes to all the questions.

12 hours later Dallas Lovato says she is not okay, she keeps giggling and cannot believe it been 12 hours of digging that rabbit hole and with cards to boot! Well, she is not alone, other Army’s both new and old narrated their stories and welcomed her into a journey that never ends, because there is always something new to learn about Jin (Kim Seok-ji), Suga (Min Yoon-gi), J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok), RM (Kim Nam-joon), Jimin (Park Ji-min), V (Kim Tae-hyung) and Jungkook (Jeon Jung-kook), the 7 men who have changed the world, living legends to be precise.

The confessions, I found BTS when….

“I remember very well when I was started to stanning them, I was binge watching their BV. There’s this one time i watched one of the episodes at my office during my lunch break & I can’t stop laughing then my manager said to my friend, “why is she acting like crazy laughing alone like that “Smiling face with open mouth”

“Welcome to the rabbit hole, I recommend you to watch docu-series ‘The Rise Of Bangtan’ on YouTube, it is very good to learn about them from the beginning”

“The flash cards. The giggling throughout. You’re more than ok. You found BTS! Your life is going to change forever in a good way. Welcome, Dallas”

“Once you fall in, you will never be able to climb out, trust me, we’ve all been there. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY”

“I took a day off from work… and it turns into two days off when I fell into the rabbit hole. I was like “what is happening to me…. That was 4 years ago.”

“I was glued to my phone and didn’t leave my house for a week. When I finally did leave I was itching to hurry up and get back home so I could consume more Bangtan related content”

“This is hilarious and so very relatable. I too hunkered down over a weekend watching interviews, performances, and music videos when it happened to me. I admire your initiative with the flash cards though Loudly crying”

“Welcome to the purple universe Milky Way. This is so crazy because we went through the same thing. It’s gonna be a long fall down but ARMYs are here to help you and BTS will hold your hand”

“Thank you for joining us, and showing us your joy when we just had a rough. BORAHAE”

“Omg this is giving flashbacks of when I first fell down my own rabbit hole with @BTS_twt. Remember to drink water and moisturize lots. Good luck.”

“Ah, Dallas, you will find that discovering BTS is one of the very best things that could ever happen in your life. I’ve been firmly swimming at the bottom of the rabbit hole for over 7 years now and NOTHING will make me come out. Rolling on the floor laughing You’re in good company. We’re here for you!”

“When i first know them I’m watching all night I don’t want to sleep coz I want to watch all their pass video.”

“I’m still a baby army since April 2020 till now I often sleep late just watching them laughing and crying. But the next day i am so energetic. Especially when he smiled”

“This is me 5 years ago, a few months after I gave birth to my daughter at the age of 37 n few months after my mom n grandma passed away. I’m glad they found me when I needed them the most. Enjoy the ride. Glad, I will never come out from the rabbit purple hole”

“Be careful not to let your devices overheat, they might die and you’ll desperately need them.  Download VLive. Don’t forget to blink while on VLive, and you might shriek with laughter scaring people nearby. Know that money will soon flow from your wallet to BigHit. Welcome.”

What was your “BTS Rabbit Hole” story, Please do share with us in the comments below

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