BTS‘ V Went Viral Among Non-fans As The “White Suit Black Hair”, “Green Mic” and “The One Who Winked” Guy During the 2021 GRAMMY Awards

BTS‘ V aka Kim Tae-hyung, went viral among “locals” (the general public) at the 2021 GRAMMY Awards. This is not the first time that V has gone viral for his outstanding visuals and voice. This is the third year that BTS have attended the Grammys and every year V creates a storm with non fans trying to find out who he is as they fall in love with him. Back in 2019, he made headlines as “The Guy With The Green Hair” when he appeared on the red carpet with this minty fresh hair do.

In 2020, V showed up to the GRAMMY Awards with a gorgeous curly perm and aa all black outfit that earned him the fitting nickname, “The Man In Black.” He was also “The guy with bandana” when they were performing and “the guy next to Ariana” after they saw a picture of BTS with Ariana.

BTS at the Grammys 2021

During BTS’ performance at the GRAMMYS non fans started asking who is is and he trended under various titles, his nicknames were  “White suit, black hair guy,” “White suit, green mic,” “guy who winked,” “guy who smirked,” “Guy with Levi hair (WEEBSS),” “Guy who ended the song,” The power of this man to root in new fans is unmatcehed!




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