The ‘Trunk Project’ Shirt Coat BTS’ Jungkook Was Wearing During Their VLive Sold Out On The Official Company Website

BTS’ Jungkook has a history of selling out anything he touches, because ARMYs especially like to buy replicas of his favorite clothes! He revealed that he knows people are interested in what he wears and he would like to put that to good use, especially helping those businesses that are struggling. It is just the beginning of the years and Jungkook has already sold out several items, some of which are non-clothing like the lemon flavored Kombucha. After the Grammys were over, BTS took to their VLive to chat with fans. It has hardly been a few hours and the Trunk Project Fleece Check Shirt Coat that Jungkook was seen wearing on the VLive is now sold out on the official Trunk Project website.

BTS on VLive chatting with fans

Trunk Project has posted the picture of Jungkook wearing the Fleece Check Shirt Coat on their Instagram stories!

This is not the first time that Jungkook has out sold the particular brand. On March 10, BTS’s variety show Run BTS! returned with Episode 95. In it, the members made toffee candy and played tricky childhood games like jackstones. Jungkook wore a gray Trunk Project t-shirt. The t-shirt sold out immediately the show ended.

Jungkook also sold out a bracelet that he wore during his March VLive that recorded the highest number of real time viewers at over 22 million, breaking his own record of 13 million during a February VLive with fans. He truly is the “Sold Out King”

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