BTS’ J-Hope, Agust D and RM’s Mixtapes Re-entered US iTunes Chart

BTS rapline, Suga, J-Hope and RM’s mixtapes re-entered the US iTunes charts. The mixtapes were rereleased at various times during their careers and the messages that they have carried have uplifted fans and there have been a lot of things in the lyrics that every person related with on an individual level. All three amazing rappers have played a major role in the writing, composing and even producing the songs in their mixtapes, they are all personal to them as they convey their innermost thoughts and feelings.

J-Hope’s Hope World album

“Hope World” is BTS’ rapper J-Hope’s debut mixtape released on March 2, 2018, along with the lead single “Daydream”. A second single titled “Airplane” was released a week later. The album’s peak at 38 on the Billboard 200 caused J-Hope to become the highest charting Korean soloist at the time of release. On the week ending March 1, Hope World debuted at number sixty-three on the Billboard 200 with 9,000 equivalent album sales from less than one day of sales.

“Hope World” reached its highest sales week on the week ending March 8, 2018 with 12,000 equivalent album sales, making J-Hope the highest-charting Korean solo act on the chart at the time at number 38. He was the fifth Korean artist, and the second Korean soloist after Psy, to place on the Artist 100.

Agust D’s “D-2” album

D-2 is the second mixtape released byBTS’ rapper Agust D (Suga). The mixtape was released on May 22, 2020, along with the lead single ‘Daechwita’. The mixtape consists of ten tracks, with songs sung and rapped in both Korean and English.  Its lyrics share the rapper’s viewpoint on the current world.

“D-2” peaked at 11 on the Billboard 200, at 7 on the Official UK Chart and at 2 on the ARIA chart, setting 3 new records for the highest-ranking mixtape in the US, UK and Australia by a Korean solo artist. ‘Daechwita’ debuted at number 76 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making him the first Korean soloist to chart simultaneously on the Hot 100 and Billboard 200. The single also debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Rap Digital Song Sales Chart, becoming the highest charting and first song by a Korean artist to do so.

RM’s “Mono” album

Mono is the second mixtape by BTS’ rapper RM. It was released on October 23, 2018, and it features seven tracks and was accompanied by an animated music video for the final track, “Forever Rain”. RM has called Mono a playlist, while other publications have referred to it as a mixtape. It features songs sung and rapped in both Korean and English.

Billboard noted the mixtape is more introspective than RM’s first mixtape, labeling “Moonchild” a “smooth bilingual alt R&B track”, “Badbye” as “sorrowful”, and “Uhgood” “pensive”. MTV called the mixtape “equal parts wistful and weary, and the theme of loneliness is constant throughout”, and said RM lays “his deep insecurities bare on songs like ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Seoul'”.

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