BTS Wins All 3 Categories Nominated for At The 2021 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (KCA)

BTS’ “Dynamite” is still dominating awards as it gave the Grammy nominated and performers another win at an international award. The song had been released to provide comfort and positive energy, BTS had said about the song. BTS themselves as a group have also been recognized in various ways. Their music and philanthropy just shows the good human that they are. BTS won all 3 Categories Nominated for at 2021 Kids Choice Awards (KCA). BTS have been awarded:

Favorite Song “Dynamite”
Favorite Music Group
Favorite Global Music Star

The’Kids’ Choice Awards’ is Nickelodeon’s representative awards ceremony, inviting and awarding the best stars in each field, such as music, broadcasting, and movies selected by viewers, and BTS recorded their first award in the Favorite Global Music Star category in 2018. Last year, they won the Favorite Music Group Award

Acceptance speech

🐨(RM) ooh! What a surprise! thank you KCA & ARMY for giving us all these amazing awards
🐿 (J-Hope) you’ve shown such great love to our song Dynamite. thank you so much!
🐹 (Jin) hello is this ARMY? we love you!
🐯 (V) and we miss you~
 🐰 (Jungkook) you guys are the best! keep being amazing
🐱 (Suga) and see you soon~
🐥 (Jimin) bye everyone! see you next time~
🐨🐹🐱🐿🐥🐻🐰 (BTS) thank you!!

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