BTS’ Jungkook Sells Out Bracelet He Wore During His Record Breaking March VLIVE

BTS’ Jungkook had a VLive on 5th March where he sang fans’ requested songs and also talked about ARMY selling out his favorite lemon flavored Kombucha and he was only able to buy 2 packs because it was no longer available. He talked about knowing his influence and how much he wanted to help small businesses especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. “Because of COVID-19, small  businesses are having a tough time. And I thought that these actions could be helpful to them. So I wanted to thank you for everything. Thank you so much ARMY, you’re the best.” he had said. Little did he know that he full “Sold Out King” power would strike again. One of Jungkook’s bracelets spotted during his V Live is a product by Delixr a small company committed to donating part of their profits for giving shelters to abandoned dogs, cats & animals. .

The company has posted on their Instagram that the product’s orders are skyrocketing and that they are working hard to meet the demand. The product is ‘Natural Raw Sodalite and Onyx Bracelet For Abandoned Animal Donation’. The bracelet seems to be sold out now and they posted that they have been overwhelmed with orders. They anticipate that there will be delays as the bracelets are handmade and they also need to get the supplies. They also thanked the fans.

“Hello #델릭서기부천사 everyone. Suddenly, the Sodalite bracelet. I’m experiencing a commonly used rice cake phenomenon. We have been working on the production since Sunday morning to reward our valuable donations. We’ll make it as soon as possible and ship it as quickly as possible until your hands are on the call. We will be the ones who strive to provide you with 🙂 Sadolite natural stone is nicknamed the ‘Stone of Mind’ for helping to think logically, increases determination and willpower, and induces reasoned behavior. It also encourages you to tell the truth and reduces bad circulation, harmonizes blood flow to help with nerve serenity, and helps eliminate electronic waves. “ Delixr (translated)

The company said they are working hard to meet the demand. The product is ‘Natural Raw Sodalite and Onyx Bracelet For Abandoned Animal Donation’. Jungkook had worn another product of theirs before, ‘Whale Tale Necklace,’ also under commitment to abandoned animal donation.

The brand Delixir has now officially opened a new Twitter account and their first tweets are thanking Jungkook

“No! No!  Did Jungkook wear our products on V LIVE? It’s an honor for Jungkook to just wear it. I didn’t know that when I released the product after making it. I found out so late. Thank you for your warm interest in the welfare of abandoned animals that are raised by human greed. Precious donations are released every month so that they can be used most transparently where they are needed, and they are donated to the most in need of help where I have been to volunteer work. Thank you for reaching out for a more beautiful world.” Delixr Twitter post

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