Jungkook Surpassed 1 Million Twitter Mentions After BTS’ MusiCares Performance + Articles, Celebrities, Gushing Over Drummer Jungkook

BTS Jungkook Social Mentions of MusiCares Music on a Mission Performance had the vocalist dominate the Twittersphere and Google searches worldwide. Jungkook was the highest mentioned BTS member for this day as he surpassed 1.1 Million mentions and 4.1M engagement across all social media platforms. According to Google Trends Worldwide TOP 25 Related Topics to Grammy Awards Ceremony, #Jungkook is the ONLY Kpop idol entered TOP 25. No.24 Jungkook and No.25 Drum Kit.

Jungkook trended at #2 after #BTSxMusiCares at #1 Worldwide. Total 3 hashtags trended for him worldwide at #3, #5 & #9 with trending in total of 80+ countries. 10 keywords trended for him in South Korea.Trended at #1 on Twipple Japan

BTS’ Jungkook had several media outlets, radio,online magazine, Celebrities and verified Twitter accounts. He simply mesmerized the world.

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